How do I make a payment?

Unless booked via Groupon, we only accept cash payments on you arrival.

What are the age limits?

Must be over the age of 12, if under 16 they must be accompanied by an adult otherwise the flight cannot commence.

How do I make a booking?

If you wish to book a sim experience with us please visit our Book now page and send us an email or contact us direct on your requested sim experience.

Where do I park?

We do offer one customer parking space, if you require more access you may park along the public sidewalks if available.

Can I bring a partner?

If you are an individual flyer you may bring up to 3 other personnel. 

Can I film the flight?

Yes, we have no restrictions to film or photography during your experience flight. We also encourage that you post any footage from your experience on social media or internet servers.